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Hide threads of this topic Very good service and fast response! By CAP / Ping  04-Dec-2016 02:32:43 # 2
I bought the Haizaki and akashi chibi kyun chara plus I requested for another mini figs which wasn't listed on the website^^ early this year (sorry for not posting any testimonial). I'M AMAZED THAT THE ADMIN CAN TAKE REQUEST! Thank you very much! The figs is safe on my hand lol

Price is nice! Satisfaction guarantee indeed!
Look forward for the next transaction!
Hide threads of this topic Extreme Satisfaction :) By Rizu  14-Feb-2015 17:08:41 # 1
I just wanted to post this thread in order to comment and compliment the seller of Prize Japan. I ordered an Attack on Titan Levi plush and was extremely satisfied with my order. They even added a present at no cost, which I was overjoyed :)

The price was fair, quick shipping and most importantly, the seller was great with communications through the whole transaction. The site is easy to navigate through (very simple and neat appearance).

This is by far one of the BEST seller I have done business with, even better than in the US. They are so GREAT with customer service and they are always so patient and quick with replies to emails.

I HIGHLY recommend this site and this seller to anyone looking for UFO Japan items. If this site does not already have what you are looking for, the seller offers to look for them to guarantee your satisfaction.

They have certainly gone above and beyond my expectations, satisfaction and happiness. If I were to visit Japan, I would go give visit this seller and personally give them my utmost thanks!

A+++++++ rating for this seller!!! b(^_^)b
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